Lighting Spectrometers


Skyelume are licensed distributors for UPRtek, manufacturers of award winning handheld multifunctional spectrometers. Designed to operate standalone without the need of a PC or other external devices and compatible with App Store, Google Play, SD storage catches through wireless communication.

These "all in one - one in all" devices function as a LED meters, Light meters, Lux meters, Spectrum analyzer, Flicker meters, and able to detect Blue Light.  With a super intuitive customisable user interface and display system to show all measured results.

The Spectrometers are currently popular with the below applications:

Academic & Industrial - Research, Health & Safety, Horticulture, Marine Biology

Lighting Industry - Lighting Designers, Cinemas & Theatre, TV & Film Studios, Visual Merchandising

LED Industry -  LED Chip Manufacture & Assembly, LED Lamp Manufacture, Quality Control, Batching, R&D

LED Calibration - LED, LCD & OLED Display





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