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Skyelume has been operating since 2012 with the mission to offer the highest standard of lighting solutions in the region.  Offering a holistic approach to any project through its 4 distinct divisions.  Skyelume works closely with architects, interior designers and contractors in one or more of the project phases to deliver the end users vision.  That includes bespoke solutions to create a unique look.


From the initial idea to completion of your project, Skyelume will delivery a lighting design that meets your requirements. Design is where success starts.

Skyelume lighting design consultancy is a service to provide industry best practice design to clients, interior designers, architects or direct to the end user. Skyelume works hand in hand with the project team to help develop the concept, budget costs, schematic drawings, calculations and lighting specifications.

We engaging with the project team at an early stage to coordinate the lighting concept with the overall design scheme, more importantly help manage cost expectations once the projects hits procurement phase.

Skyelume believes what starts well ends well.


Skyelume doesn’t represent any brand, manufacturer or supplier; we represent the client or end users interests. Using our industry knowledge and vast supply chain Skyelume can source your requirements in an open and transparent manner.

Using this procurement model the client can feel as ease that they are getting what they require rather than what in a catalogue from a brand, supplier or manufacture. You have access to multiple supply channels.

Skyelume prides itself on our after sales service, we don’t just supply we help with technical support during installation and handover. We don’t deliver and walk away.

Lighting Controls

Not every light just turns Off and On. Understanding how a system works to get the best out of your lights is what makes us the leader in our field.

Skyelume designs full lighting control systems to help with energy consumption, dimming capabilities and scene setting. Understanding how a light fixtures works relating controllability and performance is what make great lighting scheme. Incorporating a lighting control system can reduce your energy consumption and costs while giving the end user complete flexibility.

Our service offering for lighting controls ranges from standalone, multiple spaces or whole buildings systems.

Bespoke Light Fixture

When you have a vision or and idea for a light fixture and you just can’t buy it off the shelf, Skyelume can assist. Skyelume will work with you hand in hand to develop your idea through workshops, sketch, drawings and material samples ending in a working sample made in our workshop.

This service offering is very useful in the hospitality and retail sectors and new ideas and innovations become focal points and what sets them apart from the rest.

We can help you realize your vision.

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